ADHD Coaching and Therapy

Living with ADHD means learning to overcome challenges other people do not face. These may include, difficulty

  • organizing or planning long-term projects
  • setting schedules and completing tasks
  • keeping track of papers, reports, and other school or work materials.
  • remembering appointments or showing up on time.

These and other related problems may exist because of poor executive functions. Executive functions are like the air traffic controllers of our lives, inside and out.


Psychotherapy can be very beneficial for individuals with ADHD, offering many the help they need in understanding and accepting the realities of living with ADHD. They also help overcome negative feelings and patterns of self-blame. Yet, individuals with Executive Function issues may struggle to transpose therapeutic insights into everyday life. Something may seem extremely important in the office, but once outside or in the car or on the way to the next task, that sense of importance is lost. Or a person may make a very real commitment or resolution that somehow gets lost in the shuffle or may suddenly seem impossible later on.


People with executive function or attentional issues do not lack knowledge. The diffiuclty is often with executing or putting into practice what they know and want to do. Individuals may have great difficulty completing between-session assignments, remembering appointments, and marshalling meta-cognitive skills to regulate emotions and challenge maladaptive assumptions and beliefs. For many people counseling or therapy alone is not enough.

Coaching helps clients:

  • Build strong habits needed to address other mental health issues
  • Stay on track and meet objectives and goals
  • Make lifestyle changes and establish positive and supportive relationships
  • Get the most out of therapy


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