Trauma is an emotional response of a survivor or witness to a terrible event such as a violent crime, natural disaster, military action, devastating loss, or an abusive relationship. If you are experiencing unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms, like headaches or nausea, trauma therapy can help.


The traumatic event overwhelms the person's normal capacity to cope with stress. Traumatic symptoms of shock, denial, dissociation, and so on help the person to survive the experience. The experience of the trauma and these symptoms remain alive until the survivor discovers new coping strategies to overcome the devastating event.


In counseling I will work with you to manage troubling symptoms and to adjust to the new normal of the life of a survivor. I will also help you to find ways to grow as a person and to discover your own story—the story of one who has lived to tell and who may become a source of strength for others.



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